May 3, 2017 by
In the Standing Strong Club, this topic has been a very popular one lately. Is it fair to ask you to be kind and decent to others, even if they don’t show you the same respect back? We have spoken about the ability to be decent to people without being their friend and how that reflects on you as a person. A good example used was Donald Trump. Now a lot of people do not agree with his ideals, beliefs and world views, however, how would you act toward him if you were given the chance to meet him? Would you be respectful, because you would want that same respect back?, Or because you are a good person? Or would you let him know he is a terrible person and turning the world into a narrow-minded place again. We spoke about the importance of being open-minded, empathetic, non-judgmental and respectful. It reflects on you, the way you act toward another person. This does not mean you need to go out of your way to extend kindness to people you are not a fan of, but it shows a whole lot of kindness and maturity if you are able to be courteous to people, no matter what they have done. Just remember, everyone has a chapter they do not read out loud. People that may act in a way that is seen as "bad", "immoral" or "undesirable" may have a story that goes unheard. A story about their upbringing, about their family, about their friends, about trauma, about mental illness. Keep this in mind the next time you come across someone who you think does not deserve your kindness. :heartpulse: